Take-Aways from Live360!

My Goals

Visual Studio Live! last year was a bit of an eye opener for me. As my first conference, I walked away from it with a feeling that I was letting the as400 tie my hands as a web developer – and worse, there was really no need to.

Yes, the as400 only natively supports PHP, yes, their .NET framework tools are lackluster and yes, it took me months if not the better part of a year to figure out what path to go on. It has its’ limitations but not so much that I should keep putting off learning C# and Visual Studio any longer.

Walking into this year’s Live360! – now with my first 3 .NET apps under my belt – I looked at this conference as a way to bring my new skills together with fresh tools and learn to create one look for our employees, regardless of what lies on the backend.

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